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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Updates to the New Lists API Beta

What’s Changing?

As mentioned in the original changelog post, the Lists beta was separated into two phases.  As of November 20th, 2023, release 2 has been made available for you to explore.  With this release, developers are now able to create and delete lists via an API call.  The Lists API documentation has been updated to reflect these enhancements and we encourage you to join the dedicated Slack channel to discuss what is working and what can be improved.

Why is this changing?

Lists have evolved over the years to support more advanced filtering criteria such as custom behavioral events.  Lists also support multiple object types including Contacts, Deals and Companies.  The Contact Lists API has not scaled in concert with Lists and, starting today, we are working to change that with the introduction of the V3 Lists API.  

What do I need to know?

  1. Lists API v3 will provide endpoints to view/add/remove static list memberships as well as a full suite of CRUD operations for lists of any record types at integrator's disposal. 
  2. At this time, One cannot create or update lists with date-related property filters via the available endpoints.
  3. The API is no longer restricted to contacts lists.  It will be available for usage with lists for  contacts, deals, companies, and custom objects.
  4. Full documentation of the endpoints can be found in our developer documentation.

We have created a dedicated slack channel in the HubSpot Developer slack group to encourage discussion around this beta.  You can find it by joining the slack group and searching for #lists-api-v3.