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HubSpot Developer Changelog

CRM API v3 is now available for general use

In January, we released a new collection of our v3 APIs into developer preview. Since then, many of you have worked with these new CRM APIs, and have provided valuable feedback and ideas for continual improvements.

Thank you. Your feedback has helped us refine our functionality, and today, we're releasing these APIs into General Availability. These APIs are considered stable and available for anyone to use for development.

Part of our ongoing effort to create the next generation of HubSpot's APIs that improve developer experience, this CRM API v3 was designed from the ground up with consistency and usability in mind. Keep an eye out for additional v3 APIs to be released in the weeks ahead.

You can read about these new CRM APIs on our redesigned developer documentation site.


CRM Search:

  • Search functionality is limited to one request per second
  • "engagements", including "tasks", "calls", "emails", and "notes" aren't supported in Search

Coming Soon

  • We are missing the Engagements and Contact Lists endpoints - use the existing ones for now.
  • Secondary Identifiers - we’ll be adding this shortly—hang tight.


Please provide your feedback about these new APIs in the developer forum thread.