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HubSpot Developer Changelog

December 2023 Rollup

Can you believe that we are in December and 2023 is almost gone?  Just because the year is almost gone, that doesn't mean that the HubSpot teams are done pumping out new and updated features for you all to sink your teeth into. Let's close out the year with a bang with the final Developer Rollup! 

  1. New commerce section
  2. New product module
  3. Expanded webhook support in workflows
  4. Expanded billing frequency options for products and line items
  5. Updated UI for product updates in the app
  6. And last, but not least, Santa left us a lot of UI extensibility stocking stuffers

As you say goodbye to 2023, I hope you take some time to reflect on all of your accomplishments as well as take a moment to rest. 2024 is going to be a great year and I need you to bring your A game!

Enough of the sappy stuff, let's get on with the rollup!

Developer Updates for December 2023

New Section: Commerce Sections for Touchless Selling

We are introducing new commerce sections to our default assets allowing you to quickly build commerce focused websites helping your customers visualize a touchless commerce experience. These drag and drop pre-configured components are a step in improving discoverability for your professional services like paid consultations, design services and more. They are ready for immediate use and can be added to your website through the content editor without having to change the page template adopting a touchless purchase and checkout flow with HubSpot.

New module: Product

We’ve released a new Product module that allows you to add products from your product library to any page, blog post, or blog listing page. To begin using this module, simply find the product module in the editor and drag it onto your page. You will be able to select a product from your existing library or create a new one. We also provide the ability to override the following details of the product:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Image
  • Button
  • URL

Webhook Triggers in Company, Deal, Ticket, and Custom Object Workflows

Previously, users could only trigger webhooks in contact workflows and were limited to using the email property as the unique identifier. Now you can trigger a webhook in contact, deal, ticket, and a custom object workflow. Additionally, for the unique identifier, you can now use record ID or set up a custom property requiring unique values.

Custom coded actions: HubSpot API Client update and v4 Associations API now supported

To ensure we are supporting the most up-to-date and secure libraries in the Custom Code Action, HubSpot API client v10 (^10.1.0) and v8 are now supported for Node16x and Python3.9 runtimes. The v4 Associations API is also supported in these latest client versions, and can now be used in the Custom Code Actions.

Product and Line Item New Billing Frequencies: Expanded to Support 4 year and 5 year Contracts

We have expanded the billing terms for Products and Line items adding a 4 year and 5 year interval allowing users more flexibility over billing and contract frequencies. If you are billing on 4 or 5 year contracts, these longer options can be added within your product library for billed line items.

"portalId": <YOUR PORTAL ID>, "objectType": "PRODUCT", "objectId": <YOUR LINE ITEM ID> "properties": { "recurringbillingfrequency": { "versions": [ { "name": "recurringbillingfrequency", "value": "per_four_years", "timestamp": 1703032833978, "source": "CRM_UI", "sourceVid": [], "requestId": "62c138bc-839c-4398-9eac-582b383600f1", "updatedByUserId": 61472100, "useTimestampAsPersistenceTimestamp": true }


Public Beta updates for December 2023

Updated UI for Product Updates area

We’ve released a new UI for the in-app product updates area. This new UI allows you to view and filter on product updates by status (Live, Coming Soon, In Beta, In Development, Sunset), type of change, HubSpot app feature,  and product tier. 

You can opt into this beta by going to your in-app product updates area and choosing to join it through the beta prompt on the bottom of the screen.

UI Extensions Updates

The latest public beta for UI extensions has added new features and improvements. This month, we bring you new features, UI components, and enhancements and, introduce a new sample project to improve your UI extension beta experience. Here's what's new:

Support for Multiple Apps Inside Developer Project:

Multiple Apps Management: Your project structure just got more flexible! You can now house multiple apps within a single developer project. Simply create a new folder for each app within your root project folder, and you're set to scale up your project easily.

Support for Multiple Extensions in Local Development:

Enhanced Local Development: Say goodbye to the hassle of testing one extension at a time. With our latest update, you can run multiple extensions within the same private app during local development. When you start your local environment with hs project dev, you can now select multiple extensions that belong to the same app using the Space Bar. This allows for a more integrated and efficient local development experience.

New UI Components:


Introducing the Toggle Component: Easily switch between two states with our new Toggle. It's perfect for settings that need to be turned on or off with a simple click.


New Dropdown Component: Organize your menu options neatly with our new Dropdown component. It's designed for better navigation and selection of action items within your UI.


Checkbox Component: The Checkbox component allows users to make a selection from a set of options. Each checkbox operates independently, enabling multiple choices.


RadioButton Component: The RadioButton component lets users select one option from a set of mutually exclusive choices. Radio buttons are typically managed in a group, tied by the same name attribute.

Statistics component:

The CrmStatistics component renders data summaries calculated from the currently displaying CRM record's associations. For example, you can use this component to display data such as:

  • The average revenue of all of a contact’s associated companies.
  • The total number of times that a company has been contacted based on all of their associated tickets.
  • The maximum number of days to close from all of a company's associated deals.

To render data, you'll specify the properties you want to read from the associated records along with the type of calculation to perform on the property values. For each property, you can also include filters to narrow down the records that are included in the calculation.

Component Updates:

Button Sizes:

Extra Small (xs) and Small (sm) Button Sizes: We've added two new sizes to our button components to give you more design flexibility. These smaller buttons are perfect for tighter spaces or secondary actions.

Text Component - String Truncation:

String Truncation Feature: Keep your UI clean and tidy! Our Text component now supports string truncation, allowing you to maintain a neat appearance even with lengthy content.

New Sample Project:

Display an iFrame Modal Sample Project:

Users can now access a sample project to understand and utilize an iFrame modal in a custom card. The project serves as a reference for opening a popup iFrame modal from within the custom card. It provides a visual representation to make the process easier to understand and implement.


This sample includes a single iFrame modal with an embedded link to the Wikipedia site:

By clicking on the button, it enables the modal to pop-up with the embedded link.

If you have any inquiries or concerns, please contact us via the Developer Slack channel, #crm-customization-beta.


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