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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Announcing the ability to define custom objects in apps

Last week, we announced custom objects on HubSpot, along with API support for custom object schemas and the ability to create, read, and update instances of custom objects. At the time, creating a custom object schema (that is, defining a new custom object) was limited to API key authentication only. This meant that creating custom object definitions was not possible for apps using OAuth, including those in the marketplace.

Starting today, we’re allowing app developers to apply for access to custom object definitions via the custom object schema POST endpoint. If apps meet a set of criteria, they will be enabled for this capability, and will be allowed to create new custom objects as part of their functionality.

To gain access to this feature your app will need to meet our certification requirements, except the 6 month Marketplace listing requirement. Our goal is to ensure that custom objects are defined in a thoughtful way when being created in customers’ accounts.

Note that we’re currently working on building out a set of common objects that will be available exclusively for use in apps, and will be standard across all accounts and apps. These common “app objects” will be the preferred way to provide in-app custom object support going forward, and will be available in all tiers, not just the Enterprise tier for which regular custom objects are available. Additionally, app objects will not count towards the limit of 10 custom objects for an account. If these features are important for your app, waiting for app objects may be a better option than using custom object definitions.

You can find the form on the custom objects overview page. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the forum thread.