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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New version of Divider module will be available in accounts created after August 25th

CMS Hub has numerous default modules, including the divider module. The divider module was created before drag and drop areas and style fields, and as a result had a width property that coincided with the drag and drop area width property. While developers can work around this, it's not ideal. Updating modules that are live on customer sites is extremely difficult to do safely because developer code may rely on it to work a certain way. To prevent issues with existing sites and still be able to update this module we are first rolling this out to only new accounts.

After August 25th all newly created HubSpot accounts will have a new version of the module.

The new version fixes this issue, and adds a few other minor code improvements.

What about Marketplace themes and company boilerplates built based on the old version?

To ensure that template level default values are properly passed to the correct fields, we've added a new feature to custom modules called aliases. These are basically fake "system names" that if you were to use them when calling a custom module within a template, will result in the correct field getting the value.

Since you may have had code dependent on a specific version of the module, we've also added a HubL function for detecting the current version of a module that an account has. Using that you can write HubL if statements in case your code needs to be different based on the version the account has.

We're also providing documentation showing the changes between the versions of the module.

What about accounts older than August 25th, 2022?

Accounts made before August 25th will have the old version of the module. If you're eager to use the newer version you could clone the existing version of the module and make the changes shown in the documentation.

We want your feedback

This is the first time we're introducing this concept of module versions. We've put a lot of effort into the developer experience to enable developers to accommodate for this change, let us know your feedback in the community forums.