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HubSpot Developer Changelog

HubDB Rich Text Area limited to 65,000 characters and a new Meetings module.

We have recently deployed a change to the character limit for Rich Text Areas used in HubDB Tables and also released a new Meetings Module that is available for use.

Rich Text Area limited to 65,000 characters in HubDB.

What’s happening and why?

When large amounts of data are added to text-based fields, such as the rich text area in HubDB, this can result in poor page rendering performance. In an effort to increase performance and page rendering time, we are limiting the number of characters accepted by the HubDB Rich Text Field to 65,000 characters.


When is this happening?

This was recently launched at the beginning of October and is currently live to all.

What if my Rich Text Areas are already more than the 65,000 character limit?

Before making this change, we did some initial investigation and have identified accounts where HubDB Rich Text columns contained more than 65,000 characters. We have reached out to these affected customers and will work with them directly on this limit.

New Meetings module lets you easily add Sales Hub meeting calendars to pages.

Back in September, we released a new default module called Meetings that allows you to add a Sales Hub meeting calendar directly to a page on your site. This module is available for use and is now documented on our developer docs.


Learn more about adding this module to your pages by visiting our Knowledge Base page here: Embed the meetings widget on a page

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop them on our community forum post