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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New API client libraries available

What’s happening?

We're excited to share the release of a new set of client libraries for PHP, Node.js and Ruby supporting the recently released v3 APIs!

These client libraries allow you to interact with the HubSpot API more easily. They also provide a number of utility functions such as attaching authentication to your requests, handling HubSpot’s rate limits and automatically retrying 500 errors. 

These new libraries now meet support for any v3 API currently available in Developer Preview. As new APIs and features are released, we will continue to update the functionality of new client libraries to keep our open source efforts aligned with our latest platform efforts.

What’s changing?

This is a brand new set of resources. Previously, the PHP, Node.js and Ruby client libraries were entirely built and supported by members of the HubSpot open source community. Working with these community members, to bring these libraries into HubSpot’s collective open source efforts, the latest version of these APIs are being built with the Open API spec in mind. These updates will allow us to use tooling like the codegen library to keep these libraries up to date with the latest version of the underlying APIs. 

This is a part of our mission to enable and empower the community with accessible, low-friction tools and resources in order to have a delightful experience building on the HubSpot platform.

When is this happening?

These libraries are now available to download from the various package managers or directly from github: PHP, Node.js and Ruby

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback by joining the conversation in the community