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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New CRM Object Property field for Custom Modules

We're adding a new CRM Object Property field usable in custom modules for the HubSpot CMS. This field makes it even easier to work with your CRM data in the CMS.

What is it and how does it work?

The new CRM Object Property field allows content creators to pick properties from a specific CRM object type. The specific CRM object type is predetermined by the developer of the module.

screenshot of a CRM object property field in the page editor, the field label says 'Product property', the select field is expanded listing all of the available properties within the product object type for selection.

The CRM object property field returns all of the data specific to that property.

A screenshot of the data that the CRM object property field returns for developers to use. Included are the properties name, property label, it's data type, a description, and more.

For example if you wanted to display a table listing all of your products, you can use this field as a repeater, to enable the content creator to pick all of the properties they want to use as headings for that table.

This field does not replace the CRM Object Field which enables selecting records for the specified CRM Object Type.

For those familiar with HubDB, a CRM Object (Contacts, Companies, or Deals, custom objects etc), would be similar to an entire HubDB Table. The CRM Object Properties are like the columns and their meta data, and the CRM Object records are the rows of data.

When is it happening?

This field is now rolling out to all HubSpot accounts with the ability to create and use custom modules. This includes CMS Hub and Marketing Hub tiers.

Learn more about the CRM object property field.