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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New Marketing Event object and APIs in Public Beta

We are launching a public beta of a new standard object called the marketing events object and an available API. This is a new standard object that will be available for users to populate with the API and with the Eventbrite or GoToWebinar apps.

How does it work?

To opt-in to the new marketing events object, go to contacts and select the “contacts” dropdown. From there select “Marketing events”.


You'll receive a popup asking if you would like to “Add Marketing Events” to your portal. Only Super Admins can add the marketing events object to a portal.


Then, select the "Add marketing events" option in the popup, where you’ll see an index of all marketing events objects.



Records can be created from either the marketing events API or the Eventbrite or GoToWebinar apps.


To learn more about the marketing events object, check out this knowledge base doc. 

If you have any questions, join the discussion in the HubSpot community