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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New Public APIS for Orders and Carts Objects

What is it?

New public APIs for the Orders and Carts objects are now available in HubSpot. These APIs enable customers, partners, and developers to read and write order and cart data directly within HubSpot.

Why does it matter?

The introduction of these APIs marks a significant enhancement in how ecommerce activities can be managed within HubSpot:

  • Custom Integration: Developers can now seamlessly integrate these objects into custom apps and broader integrations.
  • Eliminates workarounds: This update addresses previous challenges where the absence of dedicated orders and carts objects forced developers to use workarounds, such as syncing this data into the deals object, which was not ideal for non-sales functions.
  • Ecommerce and ERP Enhancements: With the dedicated Orders API, ecommerce platforms can sync transactions directly to HubSpot, and ERP systems can synchronize sales orders, streamlining operations and data accuracy.

Broadening the Utility

Beyond ecommerce, the Orders API enhances the ability of ERP systems to integrate with HubSpot, ensuring that sales orders are represented accurately within the platform. This is part of our broader commitment to improving integration capabilities and supporting our partners and customers in leveraging HubSpot's full potential.

Learn More

For more details on how to implement these changes, please refer to our API documentation for each.

Orders API

Cart API


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