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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Bug fix: Display Label for Custom Enumeration Properties for Custom Quotes

Beginning May 21, 2024, we deployed a fix to how custom enumeration properties are displayed on custom quote templates. During this rollout, we discovered that the fix adversely affected some templates. As a result, we have paused the rollout.

If your template was affected by this change and you need time to update it, please submit this form, and we will temporarily revert your account to the previous functionality.

What’s Changing?

When creating a customized quote template, developers can create custom dropdown (enumeration) properties. Each property has an internal value and an external label. The quote output should display only the external label, but it was displaying the internal value instead.

We will resume deployment of the fix to ensure that the external label is displayed correctly, rather than the internal value.

Developers will need to update their templates by removing references to the internal value of custom enumeration properties and replacing them with the external label.

When is this happening?

Beginning August 21, 2024, we will resume the rollout of this fix. This will include all accounts that requested a temporary exception.

Please let us know if you have any questions by joining the discussion in our community.