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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Reusable Sections in Public Beta

Slowly rolling out to all accounts with CMS Hub, and all accounts with Marketing Hub Pro or Enterprise, developers can create reusable sections. They are the same as drag and drop area sections but now developers can create section template files, offering sections with pre-configured rows, columns, and modules. Content creators can then insert these sections into the page and start tweaking content and settings for this specific section instance. 

insert section-1This saves content creators time and encourages brand consistency.

Developers can apply classes to section templates, enabling further design customization of sections through CSS.

Section templates function similarly to standard partials. As a developer you add them to your dnd_areas using include_dnd_partial. You can then customize the content and styling options of the section through the context parameter.

For some developers this might mean instead of coding dnd_areas with lots of rows, columns, and modules in the same layouts over and over, they will move to mostly using sections. Creating easily readable and maintainable code that doesn't repeat itself.

Reusable sections as noted are in public beta. We expect this update to be rolled out to all accounts within a week from this announcement. There is no need to request access to this beta, you will know you have it when you can see the plus button in the page editor when hovering between sections.

We really want to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think in the developer slack and our forums.