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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Updated Asset Marketplace

Back in May 2021, HubSpot began a multi-year effort with our Asset Marketplace with the goal of improving both the shopping experience for end-users and the selling experience for providers through some product and policy changes. Today, we have begun rolling these out.

Launching August 3rd: An Updated Asset Marketplace

On August 3rd we will officially be launching the newest iteration of our Asset Marketplace which will be running in tandem with the current version of our Asset Marketplace. 

Also starting on August 3rd, in an effort to streamline our transition to the new marketplace system, the public-facing Asset Marketplace (located at will be sunset for the foreseeable future and will only be available in-app at the same location it has been on the top right of the menu via the storefront icon while we finalize a transition to this new marketplace system.

What will the new iteration of the Asset Marketplace look like?

At launch, the new iteration of the Asset Marketplace will only be available for themes. Visually, you will see two different storefronts during this transition as you navigate between themes and other marketplace assets.

old vs new iteration of the CMS Asset Marketplace

For Marketplace providers with current Themes on the Asset Marketplace

Starting today, July 1st, Marketplace Providers with Themes that exist on the current Asset Marketplace will have the opportunity to resubmit through the new Asset Listing Flow for Themes in order to get your theme added to the marketplace and have it ready for purchase on August 3rd when the new iteration of the Asset Marketplace launches.

Why Asset Providers need to resubmit their theme 

With the new iteration of the Asset Marketplace, we have made major feature enhancements and additions to how assets are listed. This includes the information that is shown on the listing page. In order to take advantage of these new features, we are asking authors to resubmit their assets. In order to be included in the initial release of the new iteration of the Asset Marketplace, all themes should be submitted by July 21st, 2021.

In an effort to support the new Asset Marketplace iteration all existing themes must be resubmitted by asset providers using the new listing flow in order to be listed for sale. Existing reviews and download counts will be migrated to the new listing for themes that do not have material or structural changes.

Changes to Marketplace Requirements in relation to Themes

With this new iteration of the Asset Marketplace, we have also updated our Marketplace Guidelines in relation to themes. View the newly updated guidelines. 

For Marketplace Providers with other assets aside from Themes

Starting August 3rd 2021, in relation to the current version of the Asset Marketplace

  • We will stop accepting new submissions on modules, email templates, and email packs. 
  • Updates will still be accepted for existing modules, email templates, and email packs. 
  • We will stop accepting resubmissions of individual templates and template packs. 

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