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HubSpot Developer Changelog

VS Code Extension - HubL linting in public beta

We're releasing a new HubL linting feature into public beta for the HubSpot VS Code Extension.

What does it do?

This feature automatically checks your HTML + HubL and CSS + HubL files for HubL related errors. When an error occurs it provides the error message in the context of your code where possible.

Screenshot showing HubL syntax error message in VS Code

Before this feature existed the only way to see these kinds of contextual error hints was through the Design Manager interface and through the CLI at upload of your files.

This feature should help you to fix errors as you make them, before attempting to upload to the developer file system.

How to opt-into this beta

You can opt-into this beta directly from the settings screen for the VS Code extension itself. These instructions require the extension to be installed.

  1. Open VS Code
  2. Navigate to "extensions"
  3. In the search type "HubSpot"
  4. Click the Settings button on the item for "HubSpot VS Code Extension" (appears as a gear icon).
  5. In the context menu that appears choose "Extension settings".
  6. Check the checkbox next to "Enable HubSpot VS Code extension beta features".

This extension is open source, if you have any feedback on the extension please check the issues in GitHub and see if someone has provided that feedback previously. Give like-minded posts a thumbs up. If you don't see similar feedback, feel free to create a new issue.

At any time if you wish to opt-out of the beta follow the same steps as opting in, but make sure the box for "Enable HubSpot VS Code extension beta features" is unchecked.

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