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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Asset Marketplace April Rollup - Theme updates required by July 12th, 2023

Modules will be released onto the asset marketplace soon. To prepare, we want to make sure your themes are the best they can be. Read on to review required theme updates, and complete these updates by July 12th, 2023.

Module categories

HubSpot will soon release Module Categories, making it easier for customers to discover modules right within the page editor without the hassle of navigating back to the marketplace. Both modules within themes and future standalone modules will be surfaced in-product. Prior to the launch of this new user experience, you have the opportunity to categorize your theme’s modules, making them easily accessible right where users are doing their best work. Learn how to categorize your modules on our developer documentation.

Requirements and validation

Earlier this year, HubSpot updated the Asset Marketplace listing flow to reflect new theme requirements. Like before, you’ll experience several automated checks to validate your theme – now against a more robust checklist. Any failed checks are accompanied by recommended solutions, so you can quickly update and resubmit your theme for review. View the latest requirements.

Compatibility with new modules

With the release of new modules on the horizon, we want to ensure your existing themes will be compatible. Customers are looking for a seamless website-building experience, where themes and modules effortlessly integrate with each other. Confirm your theme is compatible with new modules by reviewing our documentation.

Discuss this rollup on our community forum post here.