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HubSpot Developer Changelog

August 2022 Developer Updates

August 2022 Developer Updates related to Email Security, Quotes, Cookie Banner, CRM, Themes along with beta announcements for HubDB, Prettier plugin for VSCode, and Data Module Overview.

Developer Updates for August 2022

Enhancements to security checks for automated emails

We’ve made additional enhancements to email security for automated emails to maximize safer sending and deliverability scoring while further preventing bad actors from abusing HubSpot systems.

Fractional prices for Products and Line Items

Line Items and Products can now store very small, highly precise values in the “Unit Price” (price) field - up to six decimals of precision. Until now, product and line item prices were limited to the decimal precision of the account's currency. For example, if a Line Item or Product had a price in US dollars, that price would be limited to two decimal places (e.g. $12.42). For prices in Japanese yen, it would be limited to zero decimal places (e.g. ¥14). If a user attempted to add a higher decimal precision than what is standard for the currency, the value would round to the nearest value that is standard for the currency.
Now, customers can set unit prices that are up to six decimals in any currency (e.g. $.0025 or ¥.115), and will no longer round those values to the standard currency precision.
This update may affect the values seen in the price fields for line item and product records, as well as any related fields calculated based on the price.

Option to add “close” button to the cookie banner

As cookie tracking guidance has evolved around the world, customers have asked for the HubSpot cookie banner to allow website visitors to close the cookie banner without making the explicit choice to Accept or Decline cookies. The close button also allows visitors to close the banner if you do not use a ‘Require Opt In’ policy on your website. Previously, adding a dismiss button to your banner required custom code. This option can now be enabled in-app via the “Close button” toggle.

Note: If you've used CSS to customize your banner you may need to customize the close button as well.

Changes to the change source for CRM record property updates

We're making some changes to the systems that update CRM records, which will result in changes to the sourceType for property updates. Specifically, some updates will start showing the source of CRM_UI for some changes made by users in HubSpot, when they previously would use the CONTACTS source. The CONTACTS source will still be used in some cases as we fully transition to new systems.
This will affect the sourceType returned when the propertiesWithHistory parameter is used with the CRM API, as well as the changeSource included with webhook messages.

New: Copy Theme settings button

When developers make changes to any theme editor settings in test mode, they must manually write the json changes to the fields.json file if they wish to update them locally. It is very inefficient, time-consuming, and error-prone.

The "Copy Theme Settings" button allows developers to quickly copy the updated settings from the test mode to their fields.json. It's a huge time saver for developers as they build out themes. You can find this button by navigating to your themes “test mode” area (done through the Design Tools when previewing your theme) and looking in the top left.

Public Betas

If you are interested in learning more and gaining access to any of the following betas, you may visit the Product Updates > Early Access > Betas section within your account settings.

Public Beta: Preview draft HubDB rows as dynamic pages

The ability to preview what draft HubDB rows will look like as dynamic pages on a website when HubDB dynamic pages are set up.

Public Beta: Reorder Rows in HubDB tables

Rows in HubDB can now be dragged and dropped to re-order them. When retrieving the data by HubL or API the rows will be ordered based on this order unless other sorting criteria is used.

Public Beta: Visualizing your data with the Data Model Overview

The Data Model Overview is a learning tool and a key resource in setting up HubSpot the right way the first time. You can interact with different HubSpot concepts (objects, properties, etc.) and understand how they relate to each other. The Data Model Overview will evolve into a space where you can strategically plan your implementation and add new information in context. To learn more about this, we recommend viewing HubSpot’s own Kyle Jepson’s overview on LinkedIn.

Public Beta: Prettier plugin for HubL in VSCode

As we continue to enhance the local development experience for CMS Hub, we have released a beta plugin for Prettier. While this plugin is in beta, it can be installed in any HubSpot theme project directly through NPM by running npm i @hubspot/prettier-plugin-hubl. Depending on your specific project configuration and code editor, settings can vary. Check out the README on GitHub to get started.


Discuss this rollup on our community post located here.