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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Blog V3 APIs for Author, Posts, and Tags now available in Developer Preview

We are excited to announce the release of our V3 Blog APIs for Authors, Posts, and Tags to developer preview (open beta). This new Blog V3 API is more consistent and developer-friendly. 

What’s different in the Blog V3 APIs?

Below is a high-level list of what is different when using the V3 version of our blog APIs versus using the older V2 version.

V3 Authors

  • OAuth only
  • Updated parameters
  • Default `limit` increased from 20 to 100
  • `Sort` parameter is now available
  • New Endpoint for Archiving batches of Authors

V3 Posts

  • OAuth only
  • Updated parameters
  • New endpoints for Archiving/Creating/Updating batches of Posts
  • New endpoint for Scheduling Blog Posts to be Published

V3 Tags

  • OAuth only
  • Updated parameters
  • New endpoints for Retrieving/Creating/Updating/Archiving batches of Tags

Can I use these in a production environment?

These APIs are being released into Developer Preview. With this, we do not encourage using these APIs in a production environment until they have been released into General Availability (GA).

Want to discuss these new APIs? Head on over to our community post announcement about the Blog V3 APIs.