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HubSpot Developer Changelog

December 2022 rollup

December 2022 updates include new features and APIs for the HubSpot CMS, new activity types for the Engagements API, and a new version of the HubSpot CLI tools.


New HubL filter: Unescape HTML

HubL now has an unescape_html filter which allows converting text with HTML-encoded entities to their Unicode equivalents.

"me &you"|unescape_html returns "me & you"

"über feature"|unescape_html returns "über feature"


HubSpot v3 Pages APIs now generally available

We're excited to announce the release of our v3 CMS Pages API into general availability. This API will let you create and manage your website and landing pages.

The new version of the CMS Pages API provides explicit support for creating and managing A/B testing versions of pages, as well as managing multi-language content. In addition, this brings the Pages API to be in line with our other updated v3 APIs.


HubSpot’s Session theme moving to maintenance mode

Starting December 14th, 2022 HubSpot’s Session theme will be moving to maintenance mode. This means we will only be applying basic updates to the Session theme going forward such as security, accessibility, and bug fixes. The Session theme will no longer be updated to include new functionality or features and will also not be available for accounts who have added CMS Hub after December 14, 2022.


New Engagement API endpoints for new activity types (Logged SMS, Whatsapp, Linkedin)

We recently released new activity types on the timeline: logged SMS, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. Now we're creating public endpoints on the existing Engagements API to allow developers to access this data.  To learn more about these new endpoints, visit the new Communications overview and endpoints in our Developer Documentation.


CLI v4.1.4 has been released

New features for this version include:

  • Bugfix: The hs project download command was not working, this has been resolved.
  • A new optional message flag has been added to the hs project upload command, so that developers can add a message to each project build: hs project upload  --message="Example upload message"

Let us know if you have any questions about any of these updates in our community discussion.