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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Default HubSpot Themes: “Growth” Theme fetchable via CLI and moving older HubSpot Themes to maintenance mode

Growth Theme can now be fetched via the CLI

Growth Theme Homepage Template

Since the release of themes, HubSpot has made significant updates to the capabilities of our CMS. This includes features like dnd_areas, style fields, and blog listing editing. With the recent release of CMS Starter, we also introduced a new default theme called Growth. This theme is based on our CMS boilerplate and utilizes these newer features which make it easier for users to get started building their websites. This theme is now available to be fetched via our CLI. Learn how to fetch this theme from our default templates documentation.

Moving older default themes to maintenance mode

The HubSpot CMS has evolved since the original release of our default themes last year (Barricade, Education, Martech, Rally, Session, Sprout, and Vitality). With the release of the Growth theme, our older default themes, with exception of the Session theme, will now be moved to maintenance mode. This means we will only be applying basic updates to these themes such as security, accessibility, and bug fixes. The themes will no longer be updated to include new functionality or features and will also not be available for portals who have added CMS Hub after 8/3/2021.

To discuss this update, please visit the following thread on the community forums.