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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Upcoming: Multi-language Variation Limit for Free and Starter Customers

As of February 1, 2023, CMS Free and Starter customers will be limited to creating up to 3 language variations of their pages and posts. 

Why is HubSpot making these changes?

These changes are being implemented to ensure that we provide the best customer experience.  

What if the total number of language variations you’ve already published exceeds the new limits?

After February 1st, 2023, no pages or posts will be removed; however, you will need to reduce the number of variants to 3 or below before you will be able to edit or add additional pages or posts.  


A user will be able to create up to 3 multi-language variations of their pages and posts. Upon attempting to surpass the limit, the customer will see an in-app banner informing them of the limit and preventing them from creating additional variations.  If the variations are being sent via the CMS Pages or Blog Post API and the number of language variations are above 3, the user will be sent a 400 error response with a message of OBJECT_LIMIT_REACHED_FOR_PORTAL.

To discuss this change, please visit our community forum post here.