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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New version (v1) of Language Switcher Module released

The default language switcher module is being updated to a newer version. New accounts created after June 28th, 2023 will have an updated version of this module. Existing accounts created before June 28th, 2023 will be unaffected. This is in an effort to prevent issues with existing sites currently using the language switcher module.

The newest version (v1) of the language switcher module contains major improvements including:

  • Improved accessibility and keyboard controls
  • New style options including icon customization
  • Code optimizations and removed reliance on language_switcher tag

What about Marketplace themes and company boilerplates built based on the old version?

Developers have the ability to utilize a HubL function for detecting versions of a module that an account has. Using this HubL function you can write conditional statements in the event your code needs to differ based on the version of the module the account has. You can view an example of a conditional statement for module versioning on our developer documentation.

Can accounts older than June 28th, 2023 test this module out?

At this time, we don't have an upgrade path within the Design Tools to update to the latest version. However, you can download a copy of the new version of the module using the HubSpot CLI. The following commands will allow you to fetch a copy:

hs fetch @hubspot/language_switcher.module --assetVersion=1

Questions or comments? Head on over to our companion post in the developer forums.