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HubSpot Developer Changelog

November 2022 Rollup

November 2022 Developer Updates related to the HubSpot CLI versioning, HubDB column descriptions, and beta announcements for File Manager, Javascript Fields, and Workflows.

Developer Updates for November 2022

The HubSpot CLI has been updated to version 4.1.3

This version includes some bug fixes as well as a new flag for field.json file conversion. See below for more details.

  • Bug fix: Previously some file paths in the Windows OS resulted in errors in the VS Code extension.
  • Bug Fix: An issue was previously preventing the parsing of HubL template annotations when providing the file source.
  • The ability to convert field,js files into field.json files when running hs watch or hs upload has moved into public beta. The flag to enable this feature has been changed to --convertFields. Check out fields.js documentation for more details.

The command for Marketplace validation has been changed to run validation on files hosted in HubSpot instead of locally. This will enable HubSpot to provide deeper and more helpful automated validation. The command is still hs theme marketplace-validate <src>.
What's changed is that src no longer refers to your local copy of your file; it now refers to the root relative path to the theme you see in the Design Manager. This means you will need to upload your theme before validating.

We have added the ability to add a description to a HubDB column

Sometimes, the way to use HubDB columns can be difficult to understand as a content creator. The ability to add a description allows developers to give content creators helpful hints for inputting data, such as a reminder about what image size should be used, how long a description should be, and more. It can also be used to explain where on the website a given column's data will show up. The description can be set from within the app or through the HubDB API.

Public Betas

If you are interested in learning more and gaining access to any of the following betas, you may visit the Product Updates > Early Access > Betas section within your account settings.

Public Beta: Add Static Values to Webhook Action in Workflows

A new beta went live on November 29th for a webhook action in Operations Hub Pro+. You can now add static values for Query Parameters in your Webhook GET request or in your POST request in the webhook action in Workflows. The Webhook action in Workflows is one of our more flexible actions that allows customers to send and receive data to and from other systems seamlessly and increase automation.

Public Beta: Alt text and Title descriptions of images and videos in File Manager now available

Starting November 29th this beta will begin rolling out and users will be able to add Alt text and Title descriptions for images and videos directly in the file manager. When provided, this text will be used as the alt text for images, and the title attribute for videos when inserted in content going forward.

Public Beta: JavaScript Fields

You can use JavaScript to generate fields instead of using JSON. Writing fields with JavaScript enables you to abstract fields that you often use, dynamically generate new fields, and more easily update existing fields. Learn more about JavaScript fields on our documentation


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