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HubSpot Developer Changelog

March 2024 Rollup

March brings new HubL features for the HubSpot CMS, pinning engagements using the CRM API, new reporting for associations, expanded limits for CRM exports, and a new component for custom UI extensions.

New React based PostListing module with more customization 

We're excited to announce the release of the PostListing module! PostListing builds upon the functionality of the existing post_listing module, offering a performance boost and a wealth of modern styling options.

Consider upgrading references in your templates to the new version of the module for a modern, performant, and flexible way to showcase your posts on HubSpot, with benefits like improved styling options, faster loading times, and greater control over post displays. For details on leveraging PostListing effectively, refer to the developer documentation. The new PostListing module will be available to inspect and copy from the CMS React repository soon.

What's included

  • Postlisting-module-stylesModern Styling Options: The PostListing module delivers new fields for text and layout, empowering you to create visually compelling post displays.
  • Enhanced Performance:  This module was built with loading speed in mind.
  • More Control: PostListing provides greater control over your post displays. Here's a breakdown of the key features:
  • Flexible Layouts: Choose between column or row layouts to match your content strategy and website design.
  • Rich Content Support: Go beyond just post titles! You can now include images, author names, publish dates, and descriptions in your post listings.
  • Customizable Styles: Style each text area with a dedicated set of style fields, allowing you to tailor the appearance of your post listings to perfectly match your website's aesthetic.
  • Preserved Functionality: PostListing retains all the familiar functionality of the original post_listing module, including setting a heading level and selecting the number of posts to display.
  • Advanced Filtering: While similar to the BlogPosts module, PostListing offers the unique ability to filter posts by popularity (all-time, past 6 months, etc.).

New HubL color_contrast function

We're releasing  a new HubL function called color_contrast which helps to validate color contrast based on WCAG standards. It requires two colors as arguments and also accepts the WCAG rating/standards like 'AA' and 'AAA' and returns true/false based on if they pass or fail the WCAG standards. Default standards will be 'AA'.

Example usage:

<p {% if color_contrast('rgb(12,31,1)', '#f0f', 'AA') %}style="color: #ff0000;"{% else %}style="color: #00FF00"{% endif %}>Hey there</p>

The color_contrast function accepts following color codes as arguments

  • six digits hex code, i.e #FF00AA
  • three digits hex code. i.e #F0A
  • RGB color code i.e rgb(255,0,170)

Pin Engagements using the Public Engagements API

HubSpot is extending support for pinning engagements via our public APIs so that you can pin activities to the top of your contact, company, deal, ticket, or custom object record timelines.

You can now add and modify hs_pinned_engagement_id properties on contact, company, deal, ticket, and custom object record types by setting this value by supplying a valid engagement id value.

The hs_pinned_engagement_id value can only be set on requests where the requestor has access to view the engagement id to be pinned. However, this pinned engagement will only be visible in the UI if there is an association between the engagement and object. Setting this property value will not automatically create or delete this association.

New High-Usage Report Endpoint for v4 Associations API

HubSpot is introducing a significant update to our Public v4 Association API, enabling users to generate a comprehensive summary report of all records nearing or reaching association limits within their portal.

Users can now send a request to the crm/v4/associations/usage/high-usage-report endpoint with a valid userId. Upon successful request submission, the system will generate and dispatch a report to the email associated with the specified userId. This feature provides an essential tool for managing and reviewing association limits across millions of records, ensuring efficient data management and compliance with HubSpot's association constraints.

See the example of the report below:

This update caters to the needs of HubSpot users managing extensive databases, where monitoring the associations between records and other specific object types can become a complex task. By automating the detection and reporting of records at risk of hitting association limits, we streamline the process, making it easier for our customers to maintain optimal system performance and data integrity.

Expanding CRM Exports API Limits

We've expanded the daily exports limit for our CRM Exports API from 10 exports/day to 30 exports/day.

You can complete up to thirty exports within a rolling 24 hour window, and one export at a time. Additional exports will be queued until the previous export is completed. See the Exports API documentation for more details.

Updates to SDK Client Libraries 

Changes have been made to our SDK Client Libraries. These changes include bug fixes with regards to mismatching data types and updating of sample apps. You can view more about these changes within the SDKs GitHub Repositories. 

Form submissions with HTML Tags in contact name properties will be marked as spam

Form Submissions that contain HTML tags in the first name or last name contact property will be considered spam and isolated under the Spam submissions tool in Forms.

Update to the format for file type CRM properties

File properties can now include the ID of a file from the Files API. Files will only be represented by an ID number for files uploaded directly to the CRM record from inside the HubSpot CRM. Files uploaded through forms will continue to be formatted as URLs, and the properties can still be set as a URL when updating the properties through the CRM APIs. Please note that file properties can contain multiple files, separated by a semicolon (;).

Public Beta: UIE Extensions Beta Updates

This month, the latest public beta for UIE extensions has added a new component:

Stepper Input Component

Another new component we’re introducing is the Stepper Input component for the UI extension beta. This component renders a numeric input field with functionality for incrementing or decrementing the value. It is built upon the NumberInput component and shares many properties, with additional features to manage the step interval for value changes.

See example below:

This component enhances user interaction by allowing precise control over numeric input through adjustable step sizes. It also provides additional feedback mechanisms, such as tooltips for maximum and minimum value limits and validation messages for error handling.

If you have any inquiries or concerns, please contact us via the Developer Slack channel, #crm-customization-beta.

New revamped developer documentation now in public beta

Introducing our revamped Developer Documentation Experience, meticulously crafted to empower developers with the necessary tools and knowledge. Our new design prioritizes clarity, efficiency, and user-centricity, ensuring developers can find answers quickly and get back to delivering solutions for HubSpot customers.

Questions or comments? Discuss this these updates on our developer community forums.