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HubSpot Developer Changelog

July 2022 Rollup

HubSpot delivers new functionality to developers at a rapid pace. We’re always listening to and building for our customers. This velocity has allowed us to set a standard for SaaS-based development platforms. But it also means developers need to be informed in the best possible way.

Historically, we've created separate posts for each incremental update. This presented a risk of not emphasizing changes that may require developers to update their code.

For new functionality and general changes to our tooling and APIs, we aim to publish monthly feature rollups. These will continue to be developer focused updates. All of the improvements in this rollup are not considered breaking changes.

This month we've got several announcements:

  • The CRM v3 Engagements APIs are out of beta. That means these APIs are available for general use with all integrations and are considered stable and now subject to our 90 day breaking change notification window. This affects the APIs for the following objects:
  • The Quotes API beta now supports creating, modifying, and publishing quotes. Previously the API was read-only. This beta also now supports OAuth, allowing you to work with quotes using a public or private app. New quote related objects: discounts, fees, and taxes. These objects get associated with a quote to apply a discount, fee, or taxes to a specific quote. Check out the quotes API documentation to get started.
  • New API in Public Beta for getting account activity
    • Login activity
    • Security related action activity
    • Account Details
  • New API Endpoint for viewing Private App Access Token information
  • You can now view the dependents for a HubDB table. Select "Show dependents" in the actions dropdown of the HubDB table list view. This includes modules and templates that access HubDB data. API requests are not included.
  • Developer Mode in the page editor, now displays a link to open the selected module in the Design Manager, and the ability to reset a dnd area to its template default.
  • With regards to CRM objects, we have changed the naming convention of the “Object ID” property to “Record ID”. This will not change the fields used when using the CRM Imports API, which will continue to use the objectType and objectTypeId fields, but this will change the way that imports look when the history is viewed in HubSpot.
  • Bugfix: Fixing an error for the create and update Workflows API endpoints. Previously we returned a generic HTTP 500 internal server error, we're now returning an error that includes details about what went wrong.
  • SEO recommendations now state a role (Developer or Marketer) to help users identify whether it makes sense for them to be the one making the change.
  • The Global Content Editor now supports several new features - This is in Public Beta, and is rolling out to all accounts slowly over the coming weeks.
    • Layouts
    • Custom sections
    • Saved sections
    • Copy as HubL
    • Smart content
    • Sections, with:
      • Updated drag and drop UI
      • Live module updating for most modules

Questions or comments? Let's chat in the community forums.