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HubSpot Developer Changelog

18 Posts in Developer Tools

Announcing new limits for Developer Accounts and Applications

What’s happening?
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Changes to the public API demo account

Update: These changes are now live, and the demo API key will only be allowed to make GET requests. When HubSpot launched our first public APIs in 2010, we created our public API demo account so that developers would have an account that could be...
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Now Live: Developer Accounts Updates - New home screen and added security

Today we are announcing three new updates to Developer Accounts. A new home screen for Developer Accounts, masking the client secret, and adding an option to specify a redirect URL for your applications. 
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HubSpot Developer Community Forum Migration Announcement

Beginning on January 7, the developer forums will be migrated from to --- the same platform as the HubSpot customer and CMS developer forums. The migration will conclude on January 29th.
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Update: Enforcing HTTPS for all outgoing requests made by the HubSpot platform

Update: The deadline to migrate existing HTTP webhook URLs is being moved from Tuesday, December 4th 2018 to Tuesday, January 15th 2019.
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Update: Webhooks UI Change

Updated webhook configuration settings UI
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New feature: Rate limit information headers will be included in HTTP responses

New feature: Rate limit information headers
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Manage Support Information Through Your Developer Portal

Integrators can add support information to their in-app listing via their app settings in their developer portal
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