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The event registration app is a beta release that still is in a testing phase and likely to contain errors. Please refer to our developer beta terms. To share feedback and receive support, please join the #events-app-beta Slack channel.


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In today’s digital world, customers expect sophisticated solutions that are fast, personalized, and convenient. Customers want to schedule appointments and send payments without the help of another human. The event app is an excellent example of how combining CMS Hub tools can empower consumers to satisfy their own needs - leaving organizations with more time to focus on what they do best.

CMS Hub Enterprise gives developers the power to build immersive online experiences for customers with the power of modern front end technologies like React and Webpack. Using new features like serverless functions, local development, and more, developers can create powerful, beautiful web applications and tools into websites hosted on the HubSpot CMS. The possibilities are only bound by what developers can imagine.

To illustrate how to take advantage of all the capabilities of CMS Hub Enterprise, we’ve built an app for managing events and event signups. It’s a glimpse at what’s possible using the new tools and features available. We’re excited to see what you’ll build!

An example of the event registration app for managing events and signups.

Viewing and registering for an upcoming event.

Our approach

Using HubDB, content editors are able to easily maintain a list of events which are automatically displayed on your website pages using the Event app and Upcoming events modules. Behind the scenes, the app uses serverless functions to manage sending and receiving data to HubDB and the CRM, like new event signups. 

Once a user registers for an event, they'll be invited to sign for an account through Memberships where they can manage the events they've registered for. Since registrations are saved to the CRM, you can enroll or interact with the visitor just like any other contact.

What it includes

  • 2 modules
    • Event app module - Upcoming event cards, search, filter, and calendar. Best used on a full width template, no padding
    • Upcoming events module - 3 column card module each featuring upcoming events
  • Example HubDB table
  • Serverless functions for personalized "My Events" view and event registration


  1. A HubSpot account with CMS Hub Enterprise
  2. Node.js installed
  3. HubSpot CMS local development tools installed and configured

Getting started

Technology used

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