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This API is currently in beta. For the latest stable version check out this page




Use a HubSpot form to collect lead information about your visitors and contacts. You can use the endpoints outlined here to set up new forms or get details of forms you've previously created. If you're looking to send form submission data, you can use the Submit data to a form endpoint instead.

The form's type indicates its purpose and is set to hubspot by default. You can use the following values for your formType:

  • hubspot: these forms offer a variety of field types and styling options and can be used embedded in either HubSpot pages or external pages. These forms can be created and edited using the endpoints described here. You can also create these forms within your HubSpot account, learn more about creating HubSpot forms
  • captured: these forms correspond to HTML forms in external websites. If the non-HubSpot forms tool is enabled and there are submissions to the form on a tracked page, the form is automatically created in HubSpot. Learn more about using non-HubSpot forms
  • flow: these are pop-up forms that can be used in either HubSpot pages or external pages. Learn more about HubSpot's pop-up forms tool
  • blog_comment: these forms are automatically created for HubSpot blog pages to collect comments on blog posts. Learn more about how to further set up and moderate blog comments


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