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The MultiSelect component renders a dropdown menu select field where a user can select multiple values. Commonly used within the Form component. 

import { Form, MultiSelect, Button } from '@hubspot/ui-extensions'; function MultiSelectControlledExample() { const [formValue, setFormValue] = useState([]); return ( <Form preventDefault={true} onSubmit={() => console.log(formValue, 'hola')}> <MultiSelect value={formValue} placeholder="Pick your Products" label="Select Mutiple Products" name="selectProduct" required={true} onChange={(value) => setFormValue(value)} options={[ { label: 'Amazing Product 1', value: 'p1' }, { label: 'Amazing Product 2', value: 'p2' }, { label: 'Amazing Product 3', value: 'p3' }, { label: 'Amazing Product 4', value: 'p4' }, { label: 'Amazing Product 5', value: 'p5' }, { label: 'Amazing Product 6', value: 'p6' }, ]} /> <Button type="submit">Submit</Button> </Form> ); }
Prop Type Description
name Required String The input's unique identifier.
label Required String The text that displays above the dropdown menu.
options Required Array The options to display in the dropdown menu. label will be used as the display text, and value should be the option's unique identifier, which is submitted with the form.
value String | number The value of the input.
required Boolean When set to true, displays a required field indicator.
tooltip String The text that displays in a tooltip next to the label.
description String Text that describes the field's purpose.
error Boolean When set to true, validationMessage is displayed as an error message if provided. The input will also render its error state to let the user know there's an error. If left false (default), validationMessage is displayed as a success message.

validationMessage String The text to display if the input has an error.
onChange (value: (string | number)[]) => void A callback function that is invoked when the value is committed.

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